Easy Waterfall twist Braid Tutorial

We show you the easiest waterfall twist braid for you. This hair that looks sympathetic is great. We all know all the popular waterfall braid, one of the most famous braids that we have. And that is not very strange because it is a beautiful hairstyle for both curl and style hair. Not everyone finds it easy braids, so I tell you today how to make the water is managed. Of course it looks very much like the waterfall braid only a bit easier. Do you bother with braids, but you okay argue? Then follow step by step instructions and maybe you can make in no time the water is managed.

rubber rubber band

easy waterfall twist braid tutorial

Step 1
Comb the hair out until no more tangles in the hair.

Step 2
Pack away a strand of hair from the side of the head as you normally do at the waterfall braid.
step 3
Divide the harvest by 2 and twist them together. You continue to argue to the side.
You always picks up a thin strand of hair from above.

step 4
Every time you pick up a strand you open the twist and let your hair strand fall in between.
You twist the strands, anything you let them only fall through. So you get a cascade effect.


step 5
The end. Now you decide how long you want to continue with the water is managed. So you make half water falls knew or continue until you no hair left over.

waterfall braid tutorial

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