How to braid a fishbone

Let’s talk about making a fishbone hairstyle that everyone likes. We will make this tutorial fishbone hair. How do I now still a fish ridge braid?

“Yes peoples, this beauty question was last year, the most typed on Google. So a bunch of you will not you sometimes wonder. Good to know, because braids are totally hot hair trend as in 2017. Okay, braiding is tricky – I myself am a big klutz in – but this is really doing. You just need to know the roadmap. So here comes-ie: so do a fishbone braid.

* You can first create a tail – midway through the head – but also work with loose hair.

fishbone hairstyle tutorial

Step 1: Divide the hair you want to braid into two pieces.
Step 2: Take the right strand of hair a little tuft of hair on the outside. Save it to her inside and add the tuft to the left half of the hair.
Step 3: Extract a small tuft of hair on the outside of the left picking, save it to her inside and add to the right half of the hair.
Step 4: Change the outer tufts left and right with each other until your braid. The smaller the tufts how beautiful the braid! A cloud of hairspray considering when to hold it in place and Klaas Kees.

braid a fishbone

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