New Wedding Dresses Gowns for 2017

Fashion does not stand still, if we talk about wedding dresses, and this has been demonstrated in all its glory at Fashion Week in New York. At the event were presented collections of fashion houses the wedding industry, which lifted the veil of secrecy over the wedding trends in 2017. First of all, we note that the traditional wedding dress has retained its position, although there were some trends, elements, components and latest mobile trends that are definitely worth to pay attention to them.

In Week wedding fashion designers presented many dresses with long sleeves. It is believed that Kate Middleton was the first who brought the fashion for long, lace sleeves, which give the dress elegance and simplicity. However, if the upper part of the dress, shoulders and arms of the bride are decorated with fabric and additional material, it does not mean that the dress should look simple. Most presented yoke and sleeves models were made in the form of webs, creating the effect of nudity. Closed top decorated with lace sleeves, bright finish, pearl beads and simply can not cause an increased interest.


Bridal Fashion Week 2017

Which of these beautiful wedding dress models did you like the most? How should you be in your wedding dress? Share your comments.










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