Sleeping braid waves hairstyle tutorial

With braids sleeping why it is convenient and nice to your hair in a braid at bedtime? Did you know for example, long hair but suffered from the huge tangles then it is good to make a braid in your hair after showering. The braid ensures that there are no tangles come to her and that your hair easily comb out the next day. Ideal for both long hair and short hair. If you go to sleep with braids is better to weave the braid so keep hair beautiful and well sit together.
How can you sleep best with braids
This wonderful weave pattern is a step for you.

Step 1
If you come you comb the hair back and use a hair serum to keep hair in the right place from the shower.
If the hair is dry times it moist and then use a hair serum.

Step 2
Grab a tuft at the front of the head from distributing the puck through three strands you decide whether you invlecht or braid.
Step 3
Grab as thin as possible picking when to tackle as it remains her sit better.
step 4
braid the hair all the way down until you can not continue making the braid, then secure with a good rubber band.
Then you can sleep.

Video tutorial


Hairstyle picture tutorial


Long braided hairstyle tutorials

There are very easy methods to make a long braided hair model. To prevent hair wear, follow the above procedures for more fuller and more vivid hair.

Inspiration hair braiding
Do you want to make more creative braids? Make a splash with the hottest hair braiding moment.









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