The shoe trends spring/summer 2017

The spring sunshine begins gently to shine and the temperatures go up. You have no idea of what the shoe trends for the upcoming spring and summer season? That does not, we will show you the main shoe trends.

The shoe trends for the spring and summer of 2017
We can not wait until it is officially spring. This summer is in the sign of a number of trends that we have seen before like the 70’s look, Ibiza/bohemian style, and platform shoes. In addition, there are a number of new trends around the corner, such as the soles of cork and rope and classic sandals with kitten heels.

Wrapped up sandals with laces

This summer they are everywhere to be seen: the wrapped up sandals, i.e. sandals with long laces that you only does. Often, these sandals feature a heel in the same suede fabric as the uppers. By laces to you only have to wrap it, you create a kind of ballerina-with-dogs-effect. A ribbon or tassels at the end of the lacing to make the laced up sandals. These sandals are anything but complicated, it can really be placed anywhere, and are an eye-catcher in itself.

Shoes with soles of cork & rope

There is a cork in your shoe! This we are going next spring to see much, kurkzolen are completely on-trend. Under sneakers, sandals and brogue veterschoentjes: the kurkzool is everywhere under spotted. The soft and natural material, which is made of bark from the cork oak tree, makes each shoe special. Cork is also functional. Cork is extremely resilient and shock absorbing, and that means drukverlichting for your feet and back. Cork rules!

In addition, cork is another natural material we have many on soles see: rope. The rope is often braided and makes for the ultimate summer look. Especially espadrilles can we expect with a firm touwzool, but there are upcoming season also veterschoentjes with a touwzool that is totally fun and you hours can around. With this trend, you have to have the strings in hands!

Platform shoes

Where last year not every fashion enthusiast have dared, we see this summer season of 2017 everywhere platform shoes. The sandals with plateauzool, slippers with plateauzool and platform sneakers, we see a lot in the world of fashion for the spring and summer. For anyone who is a bit smaller, or no heels and wants to wear, is the elevated plateau sole ideal. So you can enjoy the height without painful discomforts. The plateau shoes are often fitted with a white outsole with a ribbed rough structure, which allows you to stand out even more.


This spring and summer we keep it at gold, silver, pink and bronze. The more the shine, the better. Of brogue veterschoentjes with shiny overlays, to sandals with shiny straps and sneakers with golden horn extensions: metallic is hot! In combination with glitters, patent leather, animal prints, mother-of-pearl and small mirrored tiles add metallic glamour to your outfit. Nude pumps you can this summer in the cupboard, you can better go for gold or silver metallic.

Ibiza / Boho style sandals and slippers

For the ultimate Ibiza look you can wear these summer sandals or slippers, with a mix and match of colors and styles. The sandals and slippers, have a bohemian style and gypsy look. This is reflected in decorations like colored plush balls, beads, feathers, ethnic prints and small mirrors. These Ibiza sandals are available with a flat sole and small heel and high heel. Straps are in abundance, just as animal prints and bright colors like pink, blue and green. The boho slippers and sandals feel soft by the suede footbed.

Loafers & loafers

The loafer, or less chic said, the entry-level model, is hot. This flat shoe is a real classic that you tidy for the day. Easy is that the shoe has no laces and you in can slides. The loafers are often a fashionable metallic ornament on the nose or a bow.

Shoes in pastel colors

We look at the fashion colors for the summer of 2017, then this is all about pastel colours. A trend that is actually each summer to return. Pastel colours such as pink, blue, green and grey are rich in our new line of shoes represented. The soft tones have something of love and sweet about him.

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