Top 10 Romantic Cities

A weekend away with your loved one. Do you love to a romantic city. We share top 10 romantic cities for you. But what is that exactly, a romantic city? To this question, made use of the definition of romantic. This shows that romantic towns will remind you of sweet, nice things a dreamy feel. In addition, they look magical with, for example atmospheric lighting and a mirrored water.

10. Budapest
The Hungarian capital Budapest is also known as ” the Paris of the east’. Budapest is a city full of history, art and architecture. In Budapest, flows the famous river Danube. This divides Budapest into two, Buda and Pest. On the Danube are eleven bridges have been built, in the evening all beautifully lit. The Danube banks are particularly beautiful. They are even on the list of world Heritage of the UNESCO. Also the Burchtdistrict of Buda and the andrássy avenue are on this list. On the banks of the Danube, in Pest, stands the Parliament building, that particular fairy-tale is illuminated in the dark and reflected in the Danube. But the most romantic feeling you probably get when you are on the Hill. From here you have a magnificent view over the city, especially in the evening, when the lights come on.

9. Barcelona
In the north of Spain-based city of Barcelona offers a wide variety of possibilities. You can wander through the charming Park Güell or the Gothic Quarter, the old center of the city. Also you can go there for a romantic walk on the beach along the Mediterranean Sea, on the Costa del Maresme. You can see the architecture of Gaudi view or admire art in the Picasso museum. Barcelona is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The city is built on hills, which makes you see the city from multiple places from above can be admired. For lovers of sun, this is a fine place for a romantic weekend.

8. Prague
Already from the middle ages is Prague, the capital city of the Czech republic, seen as the most beautiful city in the world. Prague is described as ‘the golden city, or ‘the crown of the world’. The historical centre of Prague, not for anything on the world Heritage list of the UNESCO. It has not only a very beautiful historic centre with a variety of architectural styles, the city center is also very large, the largest historic centre in the world. Besides a lot of history, the old centre is also a wealth of culture. Prague is situated on the river Vltava. The Vltava river is the very famous Charles bridge built, a beautiful old bridge, which is always a cosy, romantic atmosphere.

7. Paris
It will not surprise you that Paris is in this list. The French capital after all, it is described as ‘The city of Love’, as one of the most romantic places on earth. Here you can enjoy with your beloved along the Seine walking, in a boat on sail, dine in elegant restaurants or admire art in one of the many museums including the famous Louvre museum. Especially in the evening will the creeps go save, because together to the flickering lights of the Eiffel tower look, it can’t be otherwise than a romantic feeling.

6. Florence
Tucked amidst the hills of the Tuscany region of italy you will find the beautiful Florence. Central in the city, in the middle of white buildings, stands the impressive Uffizi Gallery. Here you will become surrounded by splendor and pageantry, paintings and sculptures of world famous artists. But also outside of bowl for your eyes. Take a walk across the colorful Ponte Vecchio (bridge and tunnel) or find some peace and quiet in the green, hilly, Lush Boboli Gardens, while the sun you to do rays.

5. Vienna
Vienna is the capital of Austria. In Vienna you will find palaces built in the baroque style, art from around the world, lots of variety, theater, cosy restaurants and cafes. In particular, the centre of Vienna is romantic: in the oldest districts of the city, located on the Danube river, you will find narrow alleys that are paved with ancient cobblestones. On the Danube you can also find the famous impressive St. Stephen’s Cathedral. You can in vienna a ride in a Viennese fiater, an old-fashioned carriage or of a beautiful view over the city from the Prater, a ferris wheel from the year 1897.

4. Rome
The historic centre of the Italian capital Rome is on the world Heritage list of the UNESCO. And rightly so, it is a city that you breath does on arriving, full of pomp and circumstance. The Colosseum, the Forum and the Pantheon, all equally beautiful. But for romance you should really get to the trevi Fountain. There is the in the evening to relax, while you are together watching a beautifully lit fountain and comes to rest of the sound of the sloshing water. A visit to Villa Borghese, you should not skip. Here you can on a terrace, Terazza del Pincio, enjoy a superb panoramic view. Go up at sunset, you can enjoy together dream.

3. Porto
Porto is by its magnificence and splendor, sometimes called ‘The Venice of Portugal’. The city, along the Douro river is located, has many colourful houses. Porto is one of the oldest tourist cities in the world. It is very rich in monumental and artistic buildings. In the city, you’ll find also a lot of culture and nature, such as the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal with Cristal Palace, where many concerts and other events can be organised. Sail with a boat on the Douro and admire the Maria Pia bridge and the Sao Joao bridge. Or go out to eat in the restaurant Casa de Chá da Boa and enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean. Here you can also of course enjoy the famous Port wines.

2. Venice
The north-east located Italian town of Venice is a feast for the eyes. It consists of more than one hundred islands and is only accessible by boat. That is, of course, a beautiful romantic start of a wonderful liefdesweekendje. You sail here with a gondola ride through the many channels and runs hand in hand through the narrow alleys. In the meantime you can admire the beautiful bridges and a wealth of historic buildings, including the romanesque Basilica of San Marco with the Piazza San Marco. Also for art, culture and events, including an annual carnival celebration in Venice.

1. Dubrovnik
The Croatian port city of Dubrovnik is known as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. It is exceptionally beautiful. The centre of this city is one of the best preserved historical cities in the world. It is surrounded by an impressive city wall. If you walk on this wall, you feel like you for a while, in a different world. Together embraced enjoy views over the city and the sea, which cannot be otherwise than a romantic feeling to elicit. Dubrovnik is situated against a mountain, that makes you the city from a great height can be admired. Also, there are around Dubrovnik’s many beaches and islands where you can relax and enjoy the sun, which is here almost the whole year.

10 most romantic cities in the world

We shared the 10 most romantic cities with you. Please comment and share with us the cities you have visited and liked.

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