Top 5 destinations for a honeymoon

A wedding day is the best day of your life. We believe that this does not remain thus, the best time begins only after your wedding day. Namely, if you go on honeymoon! After all the hustle and hassle of months you can finally relax and really enjoy each other.

Make choices; Since the beginning, and then you have to think of where you want to go on honeymoon. We help you on your way so that this question can be quickly checked. We put the best honeymoon destinations in a row. So you can make quick and easy selection.

Think you to honeymoon, you think of tropical and doubtless also right on the Caribbean. One of the most popular (and affordability) islands Curaçao. A beautiful island with tropical nature, golden sandy beaches and a laid-back attitude.

honeymoon curacao
honeymoon curacao

2.Boa Vista (Cape Verde Islands)
The Cape Verde islands have their own charm and possibilities. Boa Vista, which literally means ‘beautiful view’, is in our view the most appropriate for a honeymoon. Boa Vista has long sandy beaches that are considered the finest of Cape Verde.

Boa Vista (Cape Verde Islands)
honeymoon boa vista Cape Verde islands

3.Dominican Republic
What after Curaçao is the most popular Caribbean island? Without doubt the Dominican Republic. Every year fly here many newlywed couples go, and especially to Punta Cana. Punta Cana wordt gekenmerkt door witte stranden, wuivende palmen en kristalhelder water.

Dominican Republic
honeymoon dominican republic

4.Bali (Indonesia)
Was ten years ago a trip to Asia still quite expensive, now you stay from € 650, – a week on the Indonesian island of Bali. An island that, beyond that it is affordable, also has all the ingredients you expect from a honeymoon destination. Not only will you find on Bali tropical beaches, you will also find beautiful sunsets, markets and plenty of liveliness.

Bali (Indonesia)
honeymoon bali indonesia

Mauritius is a typical wegdroombestemming together with the Maldives is top of the wish of many couples.

honeymoon mauritius

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