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Carnival is over, but there are many more fun places to unpack a lot with makeup. This can be done with exuberant glitter makeup, but if we do the blogging and vlog following make-up artists have to believe is neon makeup of the new trend. There is special UV makeup which lights up in disco light, but there are also make-up artists who are not at all necessary to still create the neon effect with makeup. Discover the latest neon makeup techniques.

Marion Moretti neon light makeup green - pink

Neon light effect without UV makeup
Most makeup artists are familiar with UV makeup. These products are available in almost every make-up case. With these products it is no art to create a neon makeup look. But there are also make-up artists that do not require UV make up for this, but can rely on their own artistic skills to still put a neon look for the day. One of the makeup artists, the Australian Genevieve JAUQUET. She appears with her neon looks to put a real trend on Instagram. For many Instagrammers were inspired by her creations.
Neon light effect without UV makeup

Neon makeup techniques
Neon lights and neon colors, as we know especially from the 80s, are always a source of inspiration for fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists. It is a known phenomenon in the beauty industry that “old” trends come back in a new guise. Genevieve JAUQUET does the same with its neon lip make-up. What is her trick? You start with a base of black liquid lipstick, you make over your lips. Then you mix a white liquid lipstick with a neon pink colored liquid lipstick, you make up your lips for a “glowing” effect around the mouth. Then do to rim the look through the lips with white lipstick, as it were, the ‘neon tubes’ imitates.
Neon makeup techniques

Marion Moretti – Makeup Artist (@marioncameleon)
A great trend for 2017 is back on the agenda. Neon eyeliners and lip makeup models are on the agenda again with Marion. You can look at the Neon makeup models from below.
Marion Moretti neon eyeliner makeup

marioncameleon neon makeup

marioncameleon trend top neon makeup

Genevieve Jauquet – Makeup Artist (@genevievejauquet)
This technique can not only apply for lip make-up, as well as eye makeup, as Marion Cameleon has done. Not everyday makeup looks, but inspiration for a special occasion, an extravagant party or a special photo shoot.
Genevieve Jauquet neon trend up eyeliner makeup

Genevieve Jauquet neon light makeup

dark purple - pink neon eyeliner

Neon makeup of the new trend

marioncameleon - makeup - neon

neon makeup style marioncameleon

green eyeliner neon

pink eyeliner neon

hot blue neon

neon green eye

pink purple neon

sea green

vintage neon style

purple-pink-dark neon

silver - pink neon lip

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